Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Perfect Tree

Day 4 - Get a Christmas Tree. I tried to convince the girls that we should just go to Target and buy a tree that already had lights on it. No luck. I even gave them the option of getting a cute pink tree... still no luck. So, we bundled up and headed out to the tree farm to find the perfect Christmas tree.

We couldn't have asked for better day. It had snowed last night so the trees had a beautiful snow covered coat. It was enough snow to cover the browns of fall with beautiful winter white scenery. But, not too much snow that we could walk through the snow easily.

Ella was not so sure of all this clothes and going into a woods business.
Grace looked and looked.
Grace: "How about this one Dad?"
Dad: "Too tall."
Lydia spent her time sitting in her sled.
Ella and Daddy.
Grace kept looking...
Grace: "How about this one"
Mom: "Too short"

So Lydia helped too.
We finally agreed on a tree that was in the farthest corner from our wagon pickup. Grace offered to pull it back.
When we got back to the wagon for our ride back to the hot cocoa tent, we saw Santa!! We piled in for a family picture.
Then Grace hopped up on his tractor with him.
We had a great day getting our tree. We'll see what tomorrow's activity brings us. (It'll be hard to beat a special visit from Santa though).

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