Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkins Galore

For a second year in a row, we headed out to the pumpkin farm in shorts to get our Halloween pumpkins. It's a shame that we couldn't keep that wonderful weather all year long.
We headed out to the pumpkin fields on a wagon. The girls were certainly not fans of the pokey hay bales, but they soon got over it.

Once we picked the perfect pumpkins, the girls dashed to the kiddie hay bale maze.
Once we mastered the haybale maze, we moved onto the corn maze.
Lydia got tired and took a break while she waited for us to catch up to her.
Then my little ladies went for a walk, hand in hand. I couldn't have asked them to pose this cute.
I love that these cute little girls have moments of best friendness. It makes up for the times when they fight over shoes, toys and everything else.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Holy Hill

A while ago I took the girls to Holy Hill to climb the tower. Ever since they had been eager to go back with Daddy. So we went back on a seasonally warm October day.

Grace and Ella loved being up so high and seeing for miles.
Lydia, on the other hand, shares her Daddy's fear of heights. She was a great trooper and made the climb!
The view from the top.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Ella started her first dance class right after her 2nd birthday. It didn't take long for me to figure out exactly why I don't do parent/child classes with my kids. She doesn't want me there with her. Someone needs to explain to Ella that she is NOT 3 years old and she is NOT old enough to be in Lydia's dance class. I'm hoping she gets it sooner rather than later. She is not the biggest fan of her class, but I drag her from Lydia's class as she cries every week.

At least she looks super cute while she does her thing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ella's 2 (the last part)

We finished celebrating Ella's birthday with a family birthday party. Our little monkey had her very own little monkey cake. Definitely suiting for Ella, who loves to climb, jump and swing on everything.
Since Ella's birthday was on a Saturday, it should come as no surprise that my girls are in their game day apparel.
Ella is not a fan of any of the birthday attention. She chose to ignore everyone, the cake and the candles that were burning on the cake.
Happy 2nd Birthday Ella!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Girl

I am so, so behind on downloading pictures from the camera, but I needed to clear the SD card so that I have room for pictures tomorrow at the Pumpkin Farm for Grace's field trip. (Although the temps are forecasted to be in the 30s. Way to cold for these little fingers to be snapping pictures).

So here are a few pictures to tide you over until I can spare more time to fill you with cuteness.
Here is my baby with her big sisters. As I was looking at these pictures as they downloaded, I was thinking, "WOW , I was coordinated those colors really well." But then I remembered it must have purple day at school. Ella woke up to confetti pancakes with her big sisters who were anxious to help her blow out the candles.

Later Ella celebrated with her best little playgroup friends. She was not at all impressed with all the attention while they sang Happy Birthday. She attempted to hide in her seat with no luck.
Here is the sea of friends, wrapping paper and gifts that appears when all these little cuties celebrate birthdays.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Future Fire Fighters?

Lydia and Ella were in heaven when the fire department came to visit a MOMS Club meeting. Lydia knew the drill and wasted no time making her way to the front of the line to spray the fire hose.

She took her duties quite seriously!
Hanging out with her friends Stephanie and Jojo.
Ella, Stephanie, Lydia and Emily
Then came Jordyn!
Ella checking out the ambulance. Hopefully she doesn't need to ride in one any time soon.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend at Grandma Dawn's & Grandpa Charlie's

Our latest visit to Grandma and Grandpa's included all the girls favorite things to do with a couple of their favorite people.

Grace wasted no time cuddling up to Grandma and convincing her to read one of her favorite princess books.
Grandpa picked Ella a flower!
We celebrated Ella's birthday a couple weeks early. (Grace & Lydia were sure to make sure that Ella's birthday cake was a one of a kind Pink and Orange masterpiece).
Ella talking on her favorite new toy. It became a favorite toy quickly causing MANY fights and causing all three girls to hide it randomly to make sure that no one take it when they aren't playing with it.
Grandma, Ella and Grandpa ready for the bonfire.
Lydia and Grandpa making smores. Yummy.
And then Grace continued to take pictures of everything and blinding everyone in the process.

I'm not sure this was Grandpa's greatest idea. Aren't they too young to learn to bow hunt?? :)
Fishing!! Lydia was so excited, she would catch the fish and bring them all the way to the house to show everyone. (Notice that she is still in her pajamas).
And another fish!
Ella is helping look for the fish.
And another fish. It's a good thing that Grandpa is good at unhooking fish and baiting her hook, because I'm sure he didn't get much of his own fishing done.
Grace isn't much for catching fish, but she sure does like to swim like a fish.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zoo Day

After looking at recent (or not so recent) pictures from the zoo, I realized which one of my daughters prefers to be in front of the camera and another daughter who can't get enough of taking pictures.

I love going to the zoo on nice days when the weather is cooler and the animals are out and about playing. My kids on the other, just enjoy playing with their friends, running around like crazy and playing with their friends. Occasionally they may look at an animal or two. I am trying to convince the girls that we should go see the baby lion cubs. I haven't quite sold them on the idea yet, but I am sure that they ill be swayed if their friends are going to the zoo too.


Hi!! From down here too!

Hi!! Yep, she really does say HI all the time.
And another Hi!
Grace is entertaining her future brother-in-law Jacob. Yes, those girls are all planning weddings. Maybe that she be a post in itself.