Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bath Time

What's not to love about bath time?

I can list many things, 3 little girls fighting over tub space, 3 heads of hair to wash, condition and rinse, water splashed everywhere in the bathroom, and the list goes on...

But seriously, there are many reasons that I do love bath time. I love the smell of clean little girls. I adore Ella's super tight curls that come after each hair sopping. I love that bath time means I am so close to bed time.

And, seriously what's not to love about these three cute girls?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day at the Park

A couple weeks ago we went to a park in Milwaukee after visiting friends in the morning. The girls loved playing at the "ocean."

It was great to have a change of scenery from our usual area parks.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Depot Tour

If our family has a need to go to Home Depot, Paul is usually the one to take them. However, at the end of April, I scheduled a Home Depot tour. Thankfully the store wasn't very busy in the morning when a group of about 25 children invaded the store for a fabulous tour.

The kids spent the morning checking out hand tools, carpet, lawn tractors, sheds, washers, dryers, overs, refrigerators, paint, wires and other areas of the store.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Soccer! Soccer! Soccer!

I guess it's official... I'm a soccer mom. Grace started peewee soccer this spring. She absolutely loves going out and playing with a group of her best friends every Saturday.

I didn't realize the huge contradiction that soccer creates. For the past 4 years, we have been teaching Grace to share her toys and play well with her friends. Then, we sign her up for soccer where the coaches try to teach her to steal the ball from the other team.

Regardless she has enjoyed going out and playing every week in snow, rain, wind and the cold. We have yet to enjoy a sunny warm spring soccer game, but I am hopeful for nice weather this weekend. (Unfortunately, so far the weather forecast shows scattered showers).

The fab five - Connor, Ella, Sydney, Ella and Grace
The red team
Of course no soccer game is complete without a great cheering section.
And my cute curly haired baby.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Camp Minikiani Cowgirls

We were lucky enough to schedule a tour at Camp Minikani last week. A couple weeks ago the girls rode the horses at the Y. I had used that as a bit of a test run to make sure that they would actually enjoy the horses when we went to the equestrian tour. I am pretty sure that Lydia will only wear jeans to ride horses. She won't usually wear jeans otherwise.

As if the horses weren't going to be enough to brighten the girls' day, Grace and Lydia got to see a bunch of their best pals. Here's Grace and her best little pal Jojo.
Here is part of the group. They definitely seem more interested in each other than the person taking photos of them.

Child labor? Oreo, the horse, was a bit dirty. That shouldn't come as a huge surprise since it has been raining for days. Here are the kids brushing Oreo.

Considering that the kids were so distracted early in the tour, they did listen for a while. They learned about the saddle (and other things, I assume). I was probably chasing a little 1 year old.

Lydia riding Freckles.

Ella and Mommy.
Grace also rode Freckles.
We had an amazing time! Thanks to the Camp Minikani Equestrian Center and to my amazing photographer Sam!