Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Advent Calendar (Part 2)

{More decorating the tree} (It seems to be very important to wear fancy dress up clothes while we beautify the tree.
{Making cookies}

{Fondue night}

{Decorating cookies}

{Making Gingerbread Houses}

Advent Calendar (Part 1)

After writing our letters to Santa. We had a tree full of 24 more fun filled activities. We headed out to the local tree farm to find a great Christmas tree.

Us with our grand tree!
Paul cutting the tree down. (I didn't say he got the easy jobs).
Stockings from St. Nick.
Lydia decorating the toyroom tree.

Letters to Santa

We kick off the advent calendar with letters to Santa. Ella scribbled in a language that only she can read certainly omitting any of the truths of biting, pulling hair or pushing her sisters.

Lydia had a fairly short wish list. However, if you look closely you will see that she asked for a giraffe, a deer, and an elephant. No wonder she got the pillow pet that she asked for.

Grace independently wrote her own letter with little assistance from me. She only had one wish. A foam alphabet puzzle. (Thankfully Grandma bought her one a few years ago, so Santa only had to deliver it from the basement).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lydia's Dance Day

Nothing puts a smile on Lydia's face faster than knowing it is dance day. If it were up to her she would have dance every day of the week.

Here are all the girls in a row.

Steph and Lydia striking poses.

Such pretty girls!
Silly sisters. Lydia and Ella after dance class.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Pedersens

Turkey Day!! (I get it totally belated). But here it is anyway. What's your best part of the day?
Grandpa likes to entertain the little ones.
Me, I think it's most important to plan my Black Friday shopping.
Grace values her quality time with Katie. She appreciates Brenden dating such a fabulous girl.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thanksgiving with the 4K

Grace's preschool class celebrated Thanksgiving with a Harvest Party filled with food and lots of songs. Grace had make us cute pilgrim hats to wear to the party.

As usual Lydia makes herself at home in the class and joins the other kids.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Pictures

Nothing starts the Christmas season off better than the very dreaded family portraits. Coordinating three little girls clothes and praying that they are all in a fantastic mood is downright stressful. Although I have to admit it seems to get easier and easier every time.

Here is what not to do:

Bribe, threaten and then bribe a 5 year old until you get her to fake smile and roll her eyes.

Entertain your 2 year old until she screams with delight.
and most importantly, don't let your husband put any tattoos on your 3 year old daughters arm up to a month prior to the pictures.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Snow

To say that I am a little behind in posting pictures or updating the blog would be a huge understatement. I am going to try to get caught up and actually stay up to date for a few weeks.

Moving on. Here are pictures from November when we got our first little bit of snow as opposed to our first actually snow storm of the year that we are getting today, in the middle of January! It sure has been a crazy winter. We even rode our bikes to pick up Grace from school yesterday.

Okay moving on for real this time. Sorry for the super late updates. I didn't realize how far we were behind until I noticed a ton of pictures with the Folks girls.

Snowball fight!

Toddlers playing in the snow for the first time that they remember!
Snow angels filling our lawn!
It was nice while it lasted, but I am sure glad that it melted.