Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Running Errands?

Grace has reached the age where she demands an explanation and details about everything we are going to do each day. She will let me know if I fail to follow through on the agenda as planned. Usually I have to the list the next two or three things that we are going to do. Monday morning I told Grace we were going to run errands then take a nap. At dinner Grace tells Paul about our day. Monday night I was ratted out for not following through on the given plan. This is how our dinner conversation went.

Paul: "Grace, what did you do today?"

Grace: "Me ran errands. Mom, no ran errands."

Paul gives me a confused look wondering if I am delegating my work too much.

Then Grace elaborates. "Mom, walked errands, but no run errands. Just Grace. Lydia no run errands either."

She was completely accurate. When we went to Target, she insisted on running through the store. I didn't put it together that we were actually supposed to be "running" until she told Paul the story later. In the future I guess I will have to be more specific.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last week our village had an Easter egg hunt for the children. Grace and Lydia both had a great time. Lydia made no attempts at getting any of her own eggs, but another little girl gave Lydia some to fill her basket. Once Lydia realized that there was candy inside of the eggs, she figured out how to open them and quickly shove candy in her mouth, wrapper and all. Our Mom's Club had a little Easter egg hunt and party. A special visitor hopped on over for the party. Lydia was quite curious about Easter Bunny and inched her way closer and closer to him. Grace on the other hand, wouldn't come on the same half of the room.
Grace enjoyed the Easter egg hunt though.

Friday we decorated eggs. First we had to color them.
Then we had to put the Tinkerbell stickers on each egg.
Easter at our house! Easter Bunny hid the eggs at our house while I slept in. He was kind enough to take a picture of each egg that he hid in case he forgot where there where hidden. Paul - the engineer!
Lydia with her basket.
Lydia figures out there is candy in these eggs too!

Grace finding eggs in the leaves.

Lydia finding eggs behind the picture frame.

Easter at the Bornemans!
Why look for eggs when you can play the piano instead!

A helicopter landed next door. Both Haley and Grace were excited and had to check it out. Grace has seen a few helicopters in the sky before. Every time she sees one, she says "I can't reach it." She was thrilled to finally reach it.

The coolest thing about Grandma and Grandpa Borneman's house is their golf cart. Grace likes to go fast!
Last stop is Great Grandma & Grandpa Murphy's house. Here are the kids in the basement getting their Easter baskets.
Outside looking for eggs
Lydia looking for eggs with Grandma Borneman.
The highlight of the Murphy's is the kitty.

Random Photos

Many posts seem to be have more pictures of Grace than Lydia. This may be the exception or Lydia is finally demanding more camera time!
Lydia loves to crawl up the stairs and then sit on her butt and come back down. Sometimes she needs to dodge Grace as Grace likes to come down on her stomach.

Grace loves to make pizza at home. Usually she eats lots of cheese and pepperoni as she makes it. Sometimes Lydia helps. She likes to eat while we make the pizza too!
Sometimes the girls (or just Grace) get antsy during church. When they do I bribe them with being able to play on the playground equipment after mass. Lydia loves climbing up to the top and sliding down. It makes me so nervous though. She's so little young!

Lydia is fascinated with her tongue and mouth, as well as the sounds she can make. Here's her KISS impersonation.
What a ham!