Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Enjoying Spring

Lately we've been spending many of our afternoons outside. Lydia absolutely loves her swing. She also enjoys playing in a small boat that we have. Last weekend she learned that she can climb the big play set to get to the tall slide. I am not quite ready to have her 6 feet off the ground!

Both girls like to play in the sandbox. I have to strip the girls down before they come in the house to keep my house from becoming an indoor sandbox.

The only problem with the sandbox is that it can be a bit dirty and messy. If you know Grace at all, you know that Grace and messes don't always go hand in hand. Today, she decided to join Lydia while they filled a bucket with sand. Every couple minutes she would have to wipe her hands on the grass to get the sand off them. Before long she had sand in her sandals. That didn't go over so well either. The next thing I knew she had her pants off and was sitting on the patio furniture wiping sand off her entire body. Before all her clothes were off, I talked her into heading into the house by promising to clean her up more. Crazy Kid!

Since I am too lazy to get up and get the camera, I will post pictures a different day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ultrasound Results

I had my 20 week ultrasound this morning. Everything is measuring normal. At the ultrasound they do measurements on the femur, abdomen, and head. They also check to make sure the heart is beating correctly, the stomach has fluid, and the spine is inside the skin. I think they do other things too, but I don't pay attention that closely. It was easy to tell that we are having another girl pretty early in the appointment. Since we already have everything that we need for a girl, it should make for an easy remaining 4 months.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ultrasound Tomorrow

We have our ultrasound tomorrow morning! We are looking forward to finding out the sex our baby. If we find out we are having a boy, then I have all summer to rummage for cute boy clothes. If we are having a girl, I will have to teach Liddy to be a bit more gentle on her clothes! Either way, I should have news soon!

If we find out we are having twins, I may need to select a few people to drink for me tomorrow night since I don't think I can handle 4 kids under 3.

As long as everything looks normal at the appointment tomorrow, we are going to book our first vacation as a family of 5! We are going to Colorado in October for a wedding and Grace is going to be the flower girl. The baby is due 2 weeks before the wedding! Just the thought of Paul and I traveling with our bags and kids makes me nervous.

Diesel Lost... and Found

A couple weeks ago Diesel ran away after Paul took him with as my dad taught Paul to shoot clay targets. It seems quite obvious now that Diesel would have been scared of the shooting since he is also afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks. He went missing on a Friday about 3 1/2 hours from our house (at my Grandma's house). After searching and calling for him Friday and Saturday, we had to leave to go to Haley's first communion. Sunday we headed back home dog less for the first time in almost 4 years. Apparently he had been sighted a couple times between Friday and the following Monday. Someone had even seen him and called for him, but he ran away. We decided to drive back up to where he was last seen and look around the area again on Wednesday and Thursday because we figured he might return to a stranger, but he would certainly want to return home to us. We still didn't have any luck. We drove back home Thursday night without Diesel again. Friday morning my dad found him, brought him to the vet (where he got a massive Frontline dosage), and met Paul's dad halfway to our house. Paul's dad drove him back to our house Friday night! Yeah! We cleaned off the numerous ticks that he had acquired in his outdoor adventures. He was pretty tired as both girls doted on him all night long. Grace insisted he eat, so carried his dog dish around whereever he went. Lydia did her part and carried his bone to whereever he was lying and tried to get him to chew it.

During the week Diesel was gone, I knew that I missed him, but I wasn't prepared for the heartache of knowing how much the girls missed him. Both Grace and Lydia adore Diesel (or D. Buddy if you are talking to Grace). He has to be included in all the little games we play including Ring Around the Rosie and catch. I seem to always be stuck beween Lydia and Diesel when we play catch. We missed you Diesel!

Lydia Walks

I think Lydia has had the coordination and the balance to walk since before Christmas. She's been steps for quite some times, but always had reverted back to crawling. She has just recently decided that walking might actually have more benefits than crawling. She thinks she is quite cool now as she walks freely around the house.

I was starting to wonder if she would ever walk, but she seems to do everything else just fine. She loves to jump. She will hold onto furniture and jump her little heart out. This weekend she climbed the neighbor's tall 8 foot slide backwards up the slide. She also figured out how to climb up the ladder. She is only 14 months old. I figured she would at least be able to use the Little Tykes climber for this summer. Apparently she has loftier goals.

She's also quite the chatterbox. Her favorite words are Daddy, Dog and Mommy. Most of the stuff that comes from her mouth sounds like gibberish to me.

Lydia heads back to the doctor at the end of May for her 15 month appointment including lots of vaccinations. Hopefully she doesn't contract any viruses like she did with her last round of vaccinations.