Sunday, March 14, 2010


With three young girls born within three short years it's no surprise that they are going to enjoy some of the same things. Grace and Lydia try very hard to include Ella in their games. A few weeks ago, they were playing house and thought Ella would like to play too.

"Play with this, Ella."

Outside fun

Growing Up

Grace is 3 going on 13. She continues to amaze me by the things she learns and does. She loves to help in the kitchen and play princess. Last week she surprised me by actually peeling a potato while we were making potato soup. She likes baking cookies, muffins and cupcakes.

Enjoying the warm weather
Blowing bubbles

My happy girl

Making muffins

Dressed up as Sleeping Beauty

A Little Bit of Lydia

Lydia, my dear Lydia is quite the firecracker. When she's not driving me nuts, diving off furniture, and entertaining her sisters, she is cracking me up.

Just tonight after both her sisters were already sound asleep in their beds, she comes strutting downstairs.

Mom: "It's time for bed."
Lydia: ""But I'm happy."
Mom: "You need to go to bed now, so that you can be happy tomorrow."
Lydia: "But I'm happy NOW."

The victory goes to Lydia...again.

Onto the pictures...
Playing with chalk on a warm March day.

Blowing bubbles.

Painting her toenails.
It's going to be a beautiful pedicure.

Resting on the steps.

All About Ella

I can't believe Ella will be 6 months old next week. She started rolling from her tummy to her back last week. She also started eating solids and loves it. She is the apple of her sisters' eyes. Ella is a smiley, content baby!!! Here are pictures from the past month.

Covered up.
Happy baby!!
Tummy time

All smiles
Asleep in the carrier while the girls play outside.

Yum! Peas!
Eating with Lydia's help!!