Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Number Three!

Yes, we are pregnant. We are looking forward to the end of September to welcome the latest Pedersen baby. Paul is completely convinced that we are having another girl. Some days the thought of three kids overwhlems me, most days just the two girls keep me busy. I am starting to feel much better than I felt for the first couple months. I finally have energy to get through the day without a nap! (Most days the girls actually overlap their afternoon naps, so I get a chance to rest too).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Grace getting her first haircut. I was a little nervous since it took so long for it to come in. She was a little nervous at first but by the time she was done, she didn't want to leave.
Grandma and Grandpa Borneman took us to a waterpark over the weekend. Grace liked the fountains.
Lydia and Grandpa
Grace, Grandma, Lydia and Grandpa watching Dad about to get wet.
The bucket about to fall on Dad's head.
All wet.
Haley and Grace going down a slide.
Grace playing in the water. Lydia is definitely the water bug of the girls. She would crawl until she was completely submerged in water to get to her destination. Grace liked to stay in the shallow water.
This is about as deep as Grace would venture out.

Pictures and Pox Update

I brought Lydia to the doctor last Monday. She still had chicken pox, and the chicken pox caused a huge eczema flair up. She was deemed no longer contagious so we were FINALLY able to get out more. The upside of Lydia getting the chicken pox is that now she doesn't have to get the vaccine again when she is 5. Her eczema is mostly gone, and the with spring right around the corner hopefully her skin is going to be healthy for a while.

Here are the girls enjoying warm weather outside.
Grace swinging.
Going for a walk. Mom, Grace, Lydia and Diesel. Grace apparently thinks she should pull the stroller and walk Diesel at the same time.
Grace walking Diesel.
Grace yelling at Diesel! She refused to walk him anymore until he came back and walked next to her.
Here is Grace showing off her new body art. Paul and I were both home apparently ignoring Grace too long and she found a pen and drew all over herself. She claims to have written her name on her belly, but I can't decipher it.
Here is her close up of her hand.
When we were taking pictures, she had to make sure that we got a picture of the drawing on the bottom of her foot too. Too funny!
Lydia's chicken pox. It's a little hard to see, but you get the idea.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lydia Pox Update - Part 2

We are going back to the doctor today. The few pox that Lydia had the first couple days crusted over and went away by last Thursday only to be replaced with a ton of pox covering her back and stomach. Friday morning I called the doctor again and she said we would have to come back again on Monday if they still weren't gone. Now it's Monday and she still has the pox on her back. They seem to be crusting over, so hopefully she is getting better. We are going back to the doctor this afternoon. I am wishing for good news!

Lyd is still in a good mood overall. Grace is getting a bit stir crazy being stuck at home all week. The highlight of her past week seems to be trips to the doctor and the grocery store.

Luckily last Thursday and Friday were unseasonally warm and we had the opportunity to play outside on the swings and go for a walk. I much prefer playing on the swingset over taking Grace, Lydia and Diesel for a walk. Lydia is pretty easy since she just sits in the stroller. Grace and Diesel actually aren't terrible since Grace insists on walking Diesel the entire time. I am just always so worried that she'll drop the leash and and he'll run away after some other dog, or he'll pull her over and she'll need to be carried home. The truth is she is really good and very bossy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lydia Pox Update

Lydia's pox have all crusted over so technically she is no longer contagious. The spots are starting to go away too so we should be able to get out of the house soon! She seems to be back to her normal self so far today. She is eating a ton again and not sleeping as much.

Grace on the other hand now has a cold. She has a terrible cough and is congested. She woke up the last two nights. She woke up when Lydia got up this morning, crawled into our bed and went back to sleep.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chicken Pox

Poor Lydia started getting a few isolated red spots on her lower back on Saturday. She was at the doctor a week ago for her vaccines and regular one year appointment. Lydia got a new prescription for her eczema so I didn't know if the spots were a reaction to the prescription or something else. So yesterday I took her into the doctor again. The nurse looked at it and couldn't figure out what the spots were. The doctor came in and looked at it and diagnosed it as a mild case of Vaccinia. Vaccinia is the actual live virus in the chicken pox vaccine. In short, she got chicken pox from the chicken pox vaccine. She developed the chicken pox spots, but didn't get the other symptoms like fevers or itchiness associated with the chicken pox. She is about 10 times less contagious than if she had the real chicken pox and she is only contagious until the pox (red spots) crust over. So until all her pox crust over we are stuck at home. It's going to be a long week. At least one of the pox has crusted over so I am watching the other 4.

On a completely separate note, I thought I was losing my mind yesterday. I woke up early and ate breakfast at about 6:30 because I was starving. While I was eating I checked my email and the news online. The headlines were all about this huge snowstorm Milwaukee was having. 8-12 inches of snow, a runway at the airport was closed, snow parking rules... I peeked out the back patio window and saw nothing unusual. No snow here. It even looked like it was going to be a sunny day. Weird. So I checked the news. All the stations had people standing in the middle of a huge snowstorm. Finally, the weather person showed the actual radar. It was only lake effect snow and only an isolated area south of Milwaukee got a ton of snow. No snow for us! Then I went back to bed until Lydia woke up.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Auto Show

Yesterday we went to the Milwaukee Auto Show. Paul thought it would be a good idea to look at lots of cars in one place instead of going to different dealers to see what we wanted in our next vehicle. As we got off the freeway downtown. I told Grace we were going to look at cars. She plainly pointed out the obvious. She looked out the window and said , "Mom, look, a car. Another car. Truck". Why would we need to go anywhere to look at cars, when we could look out the car window. Silly me.

Grace actually had a great time there. She loved sitting in the cars, trucks, and vans. When we took a break for lunch she quickly gobbled her food up so she could go look at more cars. She buckled herself into the various seats. She even manged to open car doors from the outside. She is too short to reach our handles on the CR-V so it never crossed my mind that she could open the car doors.

Lydia had fun too climbing around a bit, but since she doesn't walk yet, she is a bit more restricted since we won't let her crawl everywhere.

Now we are just waiting for it to warm up here. I am so tired of cold weather. I'm tired of putting hats, mittens, scarves, and boots on the kids.