Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sister Bonding

Grace loves spending time with Ella. She dotes on her and takes over as mommy anytime that I may not be giving Ella my full attention. This morning I went upstairs to get Lydia clothes and came downstairs to find Ella's pajamas off, her onesie off, diaper off and and a new diaper next to a smiling happy Ella. How she managed to undress her so quickly, and without making her cry is a mystery to me...

In the afternoon Grace decided to get Ella's bottle ready. She got it all ready by herself. Then told me I could leave to do my other chores. She says, "you know where to find me if you need me, right Mom?" I think she makes my job look way easier than I think it is some days.

Anyway... onto the pictures, since I know that's the only reason you all read the blog.

What could be better than tummy time? Tummy time with Grace...of course!

Lydia's Turning Two!!!

Lydia will be two on Friday. When asked what kind of cake she wanted, her response was 'PINK." I wasn't the least bit surprised since Lydia is a bit obsessed with the color pink. She likes to wear pink every day (not necessarily matching shades or any cute pink outfit).
Just pink, lots of it. So pink parties it is. Monday, we started the week long birthday celebration with a playgroup party.

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

Here are pictures that probably should have been with the last post. Better late than never, right?

Lydia, playing under the kitchen table & chairs. Lucky for her, they are counter height.
Ella. my happy, laid back baby who gets lots of attention (and poking, pulling, dragging) from her affectionate and doting big sisters.
Grace, who's 3 going on 13. She amazes me daily with her crazy logic and pretend friends.

Lydia and Daddy. What a couple of hams!!
Paul's birthday cake. Made and decorated with love. It's a fabulous illustration of sibling rivalry in cake decorating. Neither Grace nor Lydia would be outdone by leaving her section void of sprinkles and candy. (Because more sprinkles=more beautiful in the mind of toddlers).
Daddy and his girls.