Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall & Halloween

 Gotta love that Lydia scream!

Ella is on a mission.  Don't break that focus.

Ella's Birthday

How old are you Ella?

Sneaking a lick of frosting. Busted!

Singing happy birthday to Ella on her 3rd birthday.

Padwan training

Grace and Lydia partook in Padwan training.  They weren't really all that excited about it.  In face, Grace and Lydia were particularly irritated that the Stormtroopers kept pointing their blasters at them.

It did eventually pay off when Lydia's classmate hosted a Star Wars birthday party.  Lydia knew what to expect.  She was a little worried, though, when the birthday boy arrived dressed as Darth Vadar.  She didn't want to have fight him twice.

First Days of Preschool, School, and Bus Pickup

Grace's first day of Kindergarten was a half-day.  Mom brought her in mid-day and the bus brought her home.

Grace was waiting with her sisters and friends.

 And Grace posed with her new teacher, a very energetic and ambitious Mrs. Wenzel.

Grace has grown to thoroughly enjoy her bus rides.  On the one time she missed her bus, Grace insisted Mom driver her to school via the bus route.

Lydia's first day of preschool coincided with Grace's first bus pick-up.  So, Dad stuck around for the morning show.

Of course, Ella insisted she was part of the show today too.  Back-pack and all.

The girls got an early start as teacher's pet by assembling gift bags including a chocolate, golden apple.

What's posing without a silly picture?  And what's a silly picture without sticking out your tongue or putting fingers in their mouths?

Grace loves to sit on knees while Mom or Dad crouch.  (And there is little easier way to tip us over than the same move.)

 Lydia is just so good and posing for pictures.  It's almost impossible to take a bad one.

 Lydia with her teachers, Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. Cummings.

Can't you just see the trouble brewing with this pair: Lydia & Steph.  Oh, this is going to be an exciting year.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christy's Still a Dirty Girl

Since the Dirty Girl came back to Wisconsin, Christy went back.  And her support team came with.  Lydia was exceptionally adverse to the concept last year.  Though she isn't ready to embrace the idea, or a filthy finisher, she is warming up.

We chased the foursome for the first few obstacles.  But then a tired meltdown and much needed potty break ended our chase.  I pulled the rip cord and parked us at the finish. That's okay, it gave the kids time to play in the field, bond, and for Grace to woo.

 Kiss anyone?  No.  No one.