Friday, November 2, 2012

Home Alone: First Full Day

Of course today was smooth.  But I got the fun of teasing mom the wheels came off.  Everyone was up in time.  Christy had per-approved the outfits, but Lydia and Ella audibled.  Fortunately, everyone wanted a headband.  Unfortunately, both girls with tights got holes in them.

But I planned out the meals, bought groceries (need to head back for fruit and milk), got an hour in at the gym, picked up some movies at the library, hosted a playdate, helped Lydia and her playdate do homework, and enjoyed a frozen pizza dinner with my ladies.

And, an added perk, I got a personalized show from my three favorite entertainers.  (Though the video won't load, you can probably imagine how Grace, Lydia, and Ella dressed up, danced, and sang.)

Now it's another Barbie movie night, joined by our neighbor.

But even the ladies found Barbie boring and started making hand-traced turkey pictures.

Tomorrow is planned.  Christy may be jealous.  I'll post pictures and updates.

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