Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Catching Up

Ella is now in 1st grade. Lydia is in third grade. Grace already in 4th grade. Grace now insists that everyone calls her Gracie. They really grow up fast! Gracie now does basket ball,(Hawks) soft ball, and girl scouts (juniors). Lydia does gymnastics, girl scouts,(brownies) and a little bit of soft ball. Ella enjoys dance, gymnastics,softball, basket ball, and girl scouts (daisies). All my girls love to sing on the karaoke. They love family time and learning. Gracie's favorite school subject is reading. Lydia loves math and not a huge fan of reading. Ella enjoys reading just as much as I love all of them (a lot!!!). I'm guessing it's all Gracie that made Ella enjoy reading as much as she does. Gracie can get a little bossy at times. Ella can also get bossy from time to time. Lydia is probably the least bossy but still a little bossy.