Saturday, November 3, 2012

Home Alone: Second Full Day

And so the adventure continued.  I aspired for four stops but only two worked.  The ladies slept in so we got a late start; so the second stop had to go.  No worries; I doubted a cheese outlet would have been too interesting.  The fourth stop had to go because the girls had a melt down.  Seemed out of the blue.  They were well behaved and quiet excited.  Grace pinched her fingers and then all three fell apart.  No worries; the fourth would have been a low key, perhaps also uninteresting.

Now that I've bored you, let's get back to the start.  Certainly, Mom wouldn't have approved.  The first weekend after Halloween?  We go to a candy warehouse?  Really?  Of course!  What else is a dad to do?  Lest we forget the most important rule of the weekend.

Ella was not enthused with the samplings.  After trying a salt water taffy, which she finished, she said, "Don't ever go back there, ever, never again."  There was no mistaking her displeasure.

 Okay, so what's less appropriate than a candy warehouse after Halloween?  A brewery!  With endless supplies of soda!  Who's got two thumbs and is the world's best dad?  This guy!!

 Lydia insisted on any cup trick she could think of.

One oddity: coming to sprecher as the older, more mature (I know, really, I'm more mature?!) customer than the rest of the crowd, made for a couple odd observations.  One of which was one person in a group of girls (eventually seated behind Grace) stole Grace's chair while we were in the bathroom.  And, despite Grace, Lydia, and I being quite vocal about rudeness, not one of them offered an apology.  Then, oddly, they asked I take their picture.  Not recognizing I had a much better camera than their point-n-shoot, proceed to describe how to use theirs.  That was just odd.

We did bring home some loot to share with Mom.  Belly flops, smoothest, creamiest salt water taffy I've ever had, sodas and a case of my favorite Sprecher, Abbey Triple.

This time, the dance videos uploaded!  You can all enjoy the show.

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