Monday, March 9, 2009

Lydia Pox Update - Part 2

We are going back to the doctor today. The few pox that Lydia had the first couple days crusted over and went away by last Thursday only to be replaced with a ton of pox covering her back and stomach. Friday morning I called the doctor again and she said we would have to come back again on Monday if they still weren't gone. Now it's Monday and she still has the pox on her back. They seem to be crusting over, so hopefully she is getting better. We are going back to the doctor this afternoon. I am wishing for good news!

Lyd is still in a good mood overall. Grace is getting a bit stir crazy being stuck at home all week. The highlight of her past week seems to be trips to the doctor and the grocery store.

Luckily last Thursday and Friday were unseasonally warm and we had the opportunity to play outside on the swings and go for a walk. I much prefer playing on the swingset over taking Grace, Lydia and Diesel for a walk. Lydia is pretty easy since she just sits in the stroller. Grace and Diesel actually aren't terrible since Grace insists on walking Diesel the entire time. I am just always so worried that she'll drop the leash and and he'll run away after some other dog, or he'll pull her over and she'll need to be carried home. The truth is she is really good and very bossy.

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