Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Running Errands?

Grace has reached the age where she demands an explanation and details about everything we are going to do each day. She will let me know if I fail to follow through on the agenda as planned. Usually I have to the list the next two or three things that we are going to do. Monday morning I told Grace we were going to run errands then take a nap. At dinner Grace tells Paul about our day. Monday night I was ratted out for not following through on the given plan. This is how our dinner conversation went.

Paul: "Grace, what did you do today?"

Grace: "Me ran errands. Mom, no ran errands."

Paul gives me a confused look wondering if I am delegating my work too much.

Then Grace elaborates. "Mom, walked errands, but no run errands. Just Grace. Lydia no run errands either."

She was completely accurate. When we went to Target, she insisted on running through the store. I didn't put it together that we were actually supposed to be "running" until she told Paul the story later. In the future I guess I will have to be more specific.

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millshammer said...

I was giggling at the story; Helen does the same thing. It's good to know someone else has a built in tattle tail if you don't do exactly what you said you were going to do. I've taken to saying "possibly" before every event I mention. That's the only way I could get out of the guilt when she'd say, "You promised we'd..."