Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Photos

Many posts seem to be have more pictures of Grace than Lydia. This may be the exception or Lydia is finally demanding more camera time!
Lydia loves to crawl up the stairs and then sit on her butt and come back down. Sometimes she needs to dodge Grace as Grace likes to come down on her stomach.

Grace loves to make pizza at home. Usually she eats lots of cheese and pepperoni as she makes it. Sometimes Lydia helps. She likes to eat while we make the pizza too!
Sometimes the girls (or just Grace) get antsy during church. When they do I bribe them with being able to play on the playground equipment after mass. Lydia loves climbing up to the top and sliding down. It makes me so nervous though. She's so little young!

Lydia is fascinated with her tongue and mouth, as well as the sounds she can make. Here's her KISS impersonation.
What a ham!

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