Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend at Grandma Dawn's & Grandpa Charlie's

Our latest visit to Grandma and Grandpa's included all the girls favorite things to do with a couple of their favorite people.

Grace wasted no time cuddling up to Grandma and convincing her to read one of her favorite princess books.
Grandpa picked Ella a flower!
We celebrated Ella's birthday a couple weeks early. (Grace & Lydia were sure to make sure that Ella's birthday cake was a one of a kind Pink and Orange masterpiece).
Ella talking on her favorite new toy. It became a favorite toy quickly causing MANY fights and causing all three girls to hide it randomly to make sure that no one take it when they aren't playing with it.
Grandma, Ella and Grandpa ready for the bonfire.
Lydia and Grandpa making smores. Yummy.
And then Grace continued to take pictures of everything and blinding everyone in the process.

I'm not sure this was Grandpa's greatest idea. Aren't they too young to learn to bow hunt?? :)
Fishing!! Lydia was so excited, she would catch the fish and bring them all the way to the house to show everyone. (Notice that she is still in her pajamas).
And another fish!
Ella is helping look for the fish.
And another fish. It's a good thing that Grandpa is good at unhooking fish and baiting her hook, because I'm sure he didn't get much of his own fishing done.
Grace isn't much for catching fish, but she sure does like to swim like a fish.

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