Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Tree - Day 3

Knowing what we had planned for the day today, I was tempted to wake up early and change the activity for the day. This morning I worked out at the gym, then took the girls swimming before going home for lunch. After a morning of swimming, I knew it would be a nap day for sure. Paul and the girls were going swimming again after dinner while I was going to Zumba. It didn't leave a lot of time for our activity or for blogging about it. (I know that once I get behind in the blogging, I might be behind the rest of the month).

But, I left it as it was originally written and figured it might just be a super crazy day.

(We don't always spend this much time at the Y. But, Paul and I are participating in a fitness challenge through his employer AND I am in a fitness challenge with my moms club).

Today's activity was to bake cookies with Mom. Having two very pretty girls usually means that we use twice as many dishes as necessary and a larger mess. Today was no different. Grace and Lydia measured and dumped and stirred.
Beat the cookie dough...
Then rolled the dough into little balls...
before rolling in sugar...
unwraped the Hershey Kisses... (I was a little concerned when neither of them asked for a piece of chocolate. What's wrong with them? I really wanted chocolate by this point in the day).
But we baked the cookies, and then patiently waited. They look delicious!
Ella woke up just in time to taste the cookies!
My happy pretty girl covered in chocolate!!
Finger lickin' good!!
It's no wonder that nobody wanted to eat dinner after our afternoon cookiefest.

We are supposed to get our first real snow tomorrow. I hope it doesn't interrupt tomorrow's activity.

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RunningMom said...

They look delicious - my favorite! Can you send me the recipe? Great job with the Advent activities. You are a fabulous Mother!