Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Beautiful Tree

Day 5 - Decorate the Christmas tree

I had a vision of what our Christmas tree was going to look like this year. I was going to go for a cute Badger red and shiny silver tree. Unfortunately, no one else in my family had my vision (maybe Ella did, but no one understood her).

So, we are having a multicolored lit tree. With lots of multicolored, not matching ornaments. I shouldn't have had such high expectations, look at how my girls dress themselves. The first task was to veto the cute white lights and bust out the multicolored strands.

Fast forward a few hours, when we finally get out the ornaments.
No day is complete without my cutest little Christmas angel.
Once we ran out of room on the lower branches of the tree, we needed to move up to the top of the tree.

So our tree is up in our house and mostly decorated. We will have to finish up tomorrow. We quit early tonight to head out to a local subdivision that had luminaries lit for the holidays. The girls were delighted to see that Santa was at the subdivision entrance handing out candy canes.

See you tomorrow for another fun filled December activity.

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