Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Bit of Sugar

We are a little over half way done with our crafting, baking and celebrating Christmas with our monthly advent calendar. It is great to see the girls' faces every morning as they find the ornament that matches the day, get their treat and find out what they would get to do that day. As tempted as I have been to change the activities to something easier on some days, I am holding to the original plan.

Today we had a snowman craft day. We busted out the marshmallows and made some snowmen. Here is Grace's project. She started with 3 snowballs.

Unfortunately, the little snowman kept falling over. So she ate a marshmallow. Then gave him a hat, a pair of HUGE blue eyes and arms.
Next came his nose and mouth.
Finally he got his scarf and buttons.
Grace and her snowman, before she ate him.
A look at Lydia's snowman. This is as far as she got before she couldn't hide her hunger pangs any longer.

There goes his scarf... into Lydia's mouth.
Poor snowman!!
The girls loved their snowman craft AND their snowman snack.

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