Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent Tree - Day 13 Family Game Night

I'm back to blogging myself after having Paul fill in for a couple days.

It was another fun filled day at the Pedersen house. We had a family game night. We started
the night with the girls favorite game, Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Then we played the CandyLand Castle game. Ella loved putting the game pieces back in the castle. Lydia and Grace were not so pleased by her inability to play the game correctly. Lydia and Grace both won plenty of times before we moved on to the next game.

We finished the night with Princess Yahtzee. Lydia quit midway through the game. (Quite impressive considering that we had already played a lot of Hippos & many games of CandyLand already). As soon as we moved onto the next game, Ella decided that the dice were way cooler than the last game and wanted to be right in the middle. She became Paul's lucky shaker (or not so lucky since he lost to his amazing wife and fantastic daughter).

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