Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas with Grandma Dawn & Grandpa Charlie

The Schuhs came down for Christmas with us on the 23rd. The first priority, Grace insisted, was for Grandma to read her a princess Christmas book. It's a book she's read enough with the parents to have partially memorized. (We're glad to have another person read the book...or any book.) They brought Barbie dolls, a Barbie doll house, Christmas music, a jumping ball, a tent, and more. Among the gifts were two new favorites: felt groceries for Ella and Dora mermaid doll for Lydia. Ella quickly enjoyed her toys and shared with those around her. Once Lydia learned the mermaid could wiggle her tail after a quick wind-up, she was hooked. Grandpa even showed her how to get the mermaid's tail to flick her nose.

Then, Grandpa showed the fun of teaching bad habits. He helped Lydia and Grace take turns bouncing on Lydia's new jumping ball.

All is good and calm until Paul brings up another one and they become a weapon. Grandma and Grandpa got walloped quite a few times. I have a feeling these toys are going to quite a few opportunities to be in time out.

Somebody is being a grump.

Perhaps it was all the flash photography.

Thanks for coming down for Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa.

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