Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with the Bornemans

We celebrated Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Borneman's this past weekend. We arrived just in time to eat a quick lunch and play with Grandma, Grandpa, Haley and Mike.

As we were eating lunch, a special guest arrived! Santa Claus! Ella was definitely not a big fan of Santa. She much preferred food and a nap over the guy in the red suit. Haley, being a bit unsure of Santa, wasn't quite sure what to make of him showing up. Grace was pretty shy, maybe because she is still recovering from being sick earlier in the week. Lydia quickly saw Santa's arrival as a great opportunity. She wasted no time before leading Santa to a seat and hopping on his lap.

Lydia sat on Santa's lap for his entire visit. She barely made eye contact or said a word. She just sat there. BEAMING!
Later Great Grandma & Grandpa Murphy stopped in for a quick visit too. Since Ella was napping, Grace and Lydia couldn't open any gifts. Grace was more than happy to find a loophole in the rule, so she gave a gift to Great Grandma Murphy to open.
When Ella finally woke from her afternoon nap, the Christmas madness started! Grace opened her gifts at a leisurely pace, then settled in to play with her laptop toy.
You'd have thought Lydia was in heaven - Santa and the permission to open gifts. Considering that the last time she had gifts to open was her birthday last February when she turned 2. She was certainly ready. She quickly tore open all her gifts, helped Ella, helped Grandma, then Grandpa, Haley, before claiming stake to Mom & Dad's gifts too.

Lydia and Grace giving Grandpa some wine.
After the paper, cardboard and the dust settled a bit. Haley, Grace and Lydia put on some new outfits. Grace & Lydia in their new pajamas. Haley in a new Aaron Rodgers jersey.
Thank You and Merry Christmas Grandma & Grandpa Borneman, Mike and Haley. We had a great time!

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