Friday, December 10, 2010

An Fun Filled Day

Today, I could have put many things for our Christmas activity and easily crossed it off, but I didn't. The problem is that I planned the activities at the end of November, then as the month of December rolls along things change a little. A couple weeks ago today looked like it might be a busy get-things-done-around-the-house kind of day. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, I had Bunco at night and Paul was bringing the van into the dealer to get a few maintenance things fixed (I think).

So since we weren't going to be able to leave the house for the day, I made today's activity to watch a Christmas movie.

As of 6 pm, they still haven't watched their movie. The girls woke up, ate, played and helped make Puppy Chow for Bunco tonight. Then their friends came over and the played outside in the snow (and inside too)! Then ate a quick lunch before making Christmas ornaments. At the end of the play date 8 little girls made 8 cute little penguins to hang on their trees.

Fill in the afternoon with long naps, quick dinner and a mad dash to the Y to go swimming and there was no time left for a movie... yet. I won't know if Grace and Lydia are able to squeeze in their movie for the night until late tonight or tomorrow morning.

So to tide you over here are a few pictures of the finished Christmas tree. The tree manages to change a little bit daily depending on what the girls are in the mood for. This morning I can downstairs to find the decorated with a few new ornaments of bracelets, necklaces and a few tiaras.
You didn't think I could actually get them to all look at the camera at the same time did you?

Ella got bored and moved on to somersaults.

Tomorrow's task is WAY more work than watching a movie, so I hope we can get it done!!

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