Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

Grace and Lydia had been waiting to give each other the gifts that they bought for one another as long as they've had them. Both girls had carefully selected gifts for their sisters, Mom, Dad and Diesel. Although everyone knew what they were getting by Christmas morning, they were thrilled when they opened their gifts! (Really? You don't expect a 2 yr old or a 4 yr old to keep any secret, do you)?

Grace bought Lydia a princess puzzle. Lydia bought Ella a princess puzzle!

See!! Grace looks surprised even though Lydia told her 1o times a day that she bought her a puzzle.
Santa brought the girls a giant inflatable princess castle!
And left even more gifts inside of it.
Ella got her very first princess doll (that Lydia quickly claimed. Ella hasn't seen her since).
We spent the morning opening gifts and playing with the new toys. We all took needed afternoon naps before playing some more and skyping with family.
Merry Christmas (a couple days late)! We hope you had a great Christmas! We are blessed to have so many family and friends to have celebrated the holidays.

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