Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Princess Kind of Day

A couple times a year, we try to get together with a few great college friends and their families. Usually we try to have a summer get together and a holiday gathering. We are all a bit busy this year, so the only day that worked for a holiday gathering was early November. Since it was a bit too early to celebrate in traditional holiday style, we settled for a princess gathering. (It'll probably be the last time that we all get together before adding a boy to the mix of little girls).

The girls dressed in the favorite princess dresses and made princess crowns.

Emma working hard. (Love her hair)!!!!
I had no idea that 4 of the 5 girls would wear Snow White dresses.
Jen reading to all the ladies.

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RunningMom said...

You beat me to it! Great photos. I especially like the one of Katherine - can you send them to me?