Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Favorite Things

In case you have never figured it out, or maybe you don't even notice, I sometimes put things in the blog that might be better suited for the girls baby books. I do this intentionally. It's easier to put it on the blog, then I can go back and update the blogs when I get time. (I don't think it's happened at all in the past year).

This is one of those posts...

Lydia tends to say that everything is her favorite everything. Every book is her favorite book, every treat is her favorite. Every dress is her favorite. Get the picture. In actuality, whatever she has at that given moment is 'her favorite.' So I spent a rainy afternoon asking the girls about some of their favorite things. Here are their responses. (Yes, Lydia tends to copy Grace on some answers).

Favorite Color
Grace: Orange
Lydia: Yellow

Grace: Lauren, Syd, Jo, Kylie, Ella, Ava (well both Avas), Kaylin, Shane, Lauren, Emma and Katherine
Lydia: Lauren, Syd, Jo, hmmm not boys, only girls, Kaylin, Shane, maybe not Shane, he's a boy... maybe he could be a prince and not a boy, okay Shane.

Favorite Food
Grace: corn dogs
Lydia: treats, all treats

Favorite Princess
Grace: Snow White
Lydia: Barbie

Favorite Movie
Grace: Beauty and the Beast
Lydia: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Book
Grace: All of them
Lydia: Arthur, Sleeping Beauty

Favorite Season
Grace: March, because that's when it's Mom's birthday (I have no idea how she knows that)
Lydia: Kylie and Ella's birthday (November...fall)

Favorite Game
Grace: Hungry, Hungry Hippos
Lydia: Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Favorite Thing to do Outside
Grace: Play with my friends
Lydia: Ride my bike

Favorite Thing to do Inside
Grace: Clean
Lydia: Play with my dolls

What are we going to do on Thanksgiving?
Grace: Eat, but not turkey. I don't like turkey. How about spaghetti and meatballs? I am not eating turkey!
Lydia: I'll eat turkey...

What do you want for Christmas?
Grace: Barbies, a camera, princess coloring books, regular paper to color, colored paper to color, stickers, markers, special papers to color (aka Colorwonders)
Lydia: Barbies, a camera, treats, babies (as in dolls)

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