Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Grace

Happy 4th Birthday to our beautiful daughter Grace! She is the most amazing little girl who brings a smile to my face daily. She is curious and thoughtful. She is always making pictures for her friends and offering friends her toys (and her sisters' toys) to her friends. Just last week while we were trick-or-treating, one of her friends had to go home. Grace was so bummed that her friend would miss out on more treats, she emptied her bucket of candy into her friends bag. (Sorry for the extra sugar Sarah).

Grace is quite the girly girl. She loves to play dress up with princess clothes, jewelry and shoes. She prefers to wear dresses every day and definitely would prefer to play inside rather than outside. A few weeks ago on a cold, rainy morning, Grace observed some kids playing soccer. She declared that she did NOT want to play soccer ever if it was going to be outside and in the rain. Bugs, rain, dirt and cold definitely are deal breakers for Grace!

My four year old also has great friends! Grace and Kaylin recently had a birthday party. Since their birthdays are only a week apart and they were both turning 4 it seemed to be a great idea. (Not to mention that I only had to do half the work of party planning).

The girls decorated little purses with jewels and glitter paint.

Jojo and Lydia working hard on decorating her purse.
Grace's finished purse. Now it just need to dry.
Then onto some beautiful manicures and pedicures.
Ella decided to take advantage of all the girls waiting in line for their pedicures and took over the princess chair.
Pyper even got dressed up in beautiful dress up clothes.
Pretty girls running around like crazy.

Hungry from all the running and playing, it's time to eat.
The birthday girls - Kaylin and Grace. Happy 4th birthday girls!!
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