Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween... Finally

In case you've been keeping track, the girls have had a busy October. We celebrated all month long. We had parties with dance class and with the mom's club. Don't forget the Halloween Hullabaloo at the gym. Then of course there was trick or treating on Thursday night and trick or treating & cookie decorating at the nursing home. Throw in a Halloween day at the zoo and free dinners at Chili's all BEFORE Halloween!!

Since we do have girls that are quite indecisive about what costumes they will wear, every day brought us new costumes. Ella was posing as Cinderella, a Badger cheerleader, a witch and a ladybug this year. Lydia sported many costumes as well including Sleeping Beauty, a Badger cheerleader, a ballerina, and a unicorn. Grace, not to be outdone, had to be a princess (Belle), a Badger cheerleader, a giraffe and a cow.

(We do live in Wisconsin though, so some of the costume changes were necessary to keep my little princesses warm on those cold October days and nights).

Finally Halloween arrived! After an afternoon party with friends, we headed out to the streets. We went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with some great friends and neighbors.

Here is Ella all bundled up in her stroller.

Jordyn, Lydia, Grace, Sydney and Ava trick-or-treating.
My crazy girls!!
I hope you all had a great Halloween.

We have a busy week with Grace's week long birthday extravaganza, then we can officially move on to getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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