Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

Warning - There are no pictures in this post.

What do you do with all your Halloween candy? This year Grace and I made a Thanksgiving tree. Paul and Grace cut out a tree (minus the leaves) out of cardboard. Then Grace and I made lots of leaves to put on the tree. I numbered all the leaves 1-25 (twice). Grace found matches of candy from the big bowl of Halloween loot. Then we attached the candy to each leaf. Finally Grace placed all 50 leaves on the tree. So every day, Grace and Lydia have to name one thing that they are thankful for before each getting their one treat for the day.

Fast forward to November 4th. Grace and Lydia have both caught onto this little Thanksgiving tree routine. Grace wakes up first, eats breakfast, then asks if she can get her treat from the tree. I tell her she has to wait for Lydia to wake up. When Lydia wakes up, Grace drags her over to the tree for their daily treat. Grace quickly tells me that she is thankful for sleep. Then Lydia tells Grace that she can't have her treat until she has breakfast first. Wow! Who took my children and gave me these little darlings?!

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