Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular

We all went to the zoo Halloween weekend with great friends. Jen and Glenn have one daughter Lauren whose the same age as Lydia. All three girls love spending time with one another.

Lydia wanted to pose with the pirates as soon as we walked into the zoo. (Because we all know that a unicorn fits right in with the pirate couple).
The girls are quick to line up and pose just about anywhere. Here they are in the primate building.
Of course no trip to the zoo on Halloween weekend would be complete without the trick-or-treating.
Our scary giraffe Grace.
And our scary unicorn.
Grace, Lauren, Ella and Lydia
Here they are holding hands.
And of course, here's our cutest ladybug!!
Before our trip to the zoo was complete, we all went on a train ride. Here the three girls are before we head off on our trip around the zoo.
Lydia sure does look focused...
Grace, just days away from turning 4. She is getting so grown up.
Lauren wondering why these crazy people are taking pictures of her.
...but the train ride sure is fun.
Grace looking at the scary exhibits along the train route.
Good friends!!


RunningMom said...

You went to the zoo without us! Looks like you had fun. Look forward to seeing you in a week. Happy Birthday Grace!

Christy said...

I think we have an unwritten outstanding date to go trick-or-treating at the zoo. You are invited to come next year with us. :) (It's usually the Saturday before Halloween).