Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Fun with Friends

After a busy Easter weekend I was ready to clean my house, put away the Easter baskets, and get back to our normal crazy life.

The girls were ready too! On Monday, their friends came over for the afternoon. The weather was fantastic and they had all afternoon to play as they wished.

After a never ending cold spell followed by lots of rainy days, Grace was thrilled to wear a dress and flip flops and play outside.
Ella was pretty happy too.
These 4 girls played outside for hours while I weeded the garden and got other chores done outside. I love that they can hang out for hours playing tag, hide and seek, and chasing each other around. I love that they work out their differences without tattling endlessly. Most of all I love that my girls have such great friends to hang out with all the time.
What happy girls!
Group hugs!
Not to be outdone by their big sisters, these two are the most entertaining little toddlers ever. They remind me a bit of a couple of old men. They yell at each other without bothering to listen to the other one. They are happy to just sit next to each other for hours and play by themselves. Here they are covered in lots of sand.
My little sand baby!

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