Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decorating Eggs

After a long and never ending winter, I have been look forward to spring and Easter. Although winter seems to be hanging out a bit longer than I prefer, we are still making the most of all the fun Easter activities.

A year ago we were able to decorate eggs outside and enjoy 70 degree temperatures. Thankfully the girls aren't too terribly messy.

The girls insisted on wearing aprons to ensure that their beautiful dresses not get dirty.
Some days I wonder what a day without a daughter in a Cinderella dress would be like.
Grace loves making beautiful eggs!
Lydia tie dyed her eggs in the colander. She enjoyed a more active decorator. She spun and colored and spun and colored.
Grace liked to put her eggs in the colored dye and check on them from time to time.
Seriously, she's such a ham!!
I LOVE when my girls are best of friends. It makes all the hours of fighting and bickering worth it!

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