Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Healthy Kids Day at the Y

I wasn't convinced that we were going to go to the YMCA for Healthy Kids Day until I heard that there were going to be pony rides. I have an equestrian tour scheduled for later this month and I wanted to make sure that both Grace and Lydia would actually like the horses before bringing them for a long morning of horses without Paul to help out.

After registering, we quickly hurried to the ponies. Grace and Lydia were super excited about the pony rides.

Lydia didn't stop smiling the entire time she was up there.

Grace was a little bit more nervous, but excited to be riding Oreo. She can't wait to see her in a couple weeks.
Ella actually was okay with being on the horse... until it started walking. Then she jumped off into my arms.
Poor Ella wishing she were back on vacation at the pool. (Me too Ella)!
Cutest 18 month old!!
Time for push ups! I have to admit it's really hard for me to do more than 10 real push ups. Yep, I'm a wimp.
Medicine Balls! Look at these strong girls!
...and tough girl Ella.
And of course time to work those triceps.

This is the point in the day where we quit taking pictures. The girls had a great time making bracelets, playing hopscotch, decorating pillow cases and hanging out with their favorite KidCare people. Unfortunately, their parents went on strike and failed to take any more pictures.

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