Saturday, April 16, 2011

Murphy Vacation (Part 2)

So it's a bit overdue to offer the other half of the family vacation, so here it is. If all goes as planned, I may even get caught up to date this week (only to fall behind with all the Easter craziness this coming weekend, I'm sure).
We went on lots of bike rides. Now that my girls have enjoyed the leisurely lifestyles of sitting back while someone else pedals the bike, they may never learn to ride bikes.
Swimming in the pool.
Family Picture
My grandparents celebrated their 55th anniversary this year! Congratulations to a great looking couple.
We had a shuffleboard tournament tournament to fill the time not spent at the beach or pool.

Ella is usually an easy toddler. However, this cute little girl was a handful in the pool. She was convinced that she could walk on water, and she refused to use the aide of any flotation devices. Thankfully there were many willing adults to hold her while she played in the pool.

My girls like sand. They like water. They love a giant enormous sandbox next to a ton of water!! I'm with you girls, I love the beach too.

A huge "thank you" to my family who graciously posed as part of the alphabet so that I could make a cover for a photo book. You all rock!

Here we are waiting for our shuttle to bring us back to the airport.

After a cold April day filled with rain, sleet and snow, I miss vacation!!

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