Monday, April 18, 2011

'Better Late Than Never' PIctures

We got Grace's 4 year pictures taken last November. I didn't really like how they turned out, so I meant to get them retaken when the craziness of the holidays wore off. Once the craziness died down a bit, it was time for people in our house to get colds and ear infections... so here are pictures... just a little late.

As I watched Grace and Lydia eagerly run to get pictures taken together, I caught myself wondering 'when did my little girls grow up?' Seriously, it didn't seem that long ago when I was carting an infant and 2 toddlers everywhere. Grace and Lydia are the best of friends!
Seriously, a photographers dream. Two happy kids who want to be in the picture together. (Did I mention that I promised ice cream if they were good, lots of ice cream).

Is it me, or does Lydia seemed to have aged an entire year overnight?? (Now if only I could get that hair to grow a bit).
Of course, nothing is complete without my littlest peanut Ella. Ella refused to cooperate, I'm not quite sure that she understands the ice cream bribes yet. She was NOT going to get her picture taken unless she had props (code for a cute chair to sit in).

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