Sunday, April 17, 2011

Noodles Tour

As I was running out of ideas of things to do with the kids this spring, I planned a Noodles tour with our area MOMS Club. I must always have been very hungry as I planned April's activities since there seemed to be lots of "food" on this month's calendar including Noodles, Pizza Hut, and cake decorating. I tried to get a Dairy Queen tour, but they didn't offer them, boo!

A huge THANK YOU to Noodles and Company! One of the best tours that we had gone on. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more the kids or the moms.

We started with craft time.

Not just any crafts... noodle crafts.
Then went 'behind the scenes' to tour the store.
Woohoo! Bags and bags of noodles.
"How can I help you?" These girls and guy will be ready for their first jobs in no time.
Peace and quiet - FOOD for all the kids!! Super yummy!!

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