Friday, June 26, 2009


Summer weather is finally here!

Lydia is decked out in her swimsuit and "cheesing" for the camera. She squints her eyes and says "cheese!" Too cute! Considering she only started walking a couple months ago she is quickly gaining momentum. She chases Grace everywhere... or maybe she is the one running away from Grace. She likes to climb like crazy and she loves the swimming pool.

She is getting her first bottom molars, so she hasn't been as happy as usual, but otherwise she is a delight! She is ready to boycott the use of sippy cups. She loves to drink out of regular glasses, like Mom, Dad, and Grace.

Grace had two dance classes already and she absolutely loves them! Here the girls are dancing! She can't wait to go back and dance with Miss Laura. We went strawberry picking at Basse's Farm in Colgate last week. Here the girls are innocently eating their strawberries.

Paul eating strawberries. According to Paul, he picked almost all the 12 pounds of berries we brought home. All the berries that the girls picked they quickly devoured. They also ate anything that I picked.
It didn't set in until we were home with loads of berries that we had no idea what to do with them. We ate lots of them, made smoothies, froze some and make 12 jars of jam. I had no idea making jam was so easy!
She just kept eating. Check out the strawberry juice all the way down her shirt! Lydia ate the entire time. She would even take strawberries from other people's containers when they weren't looking!
There were goats at the farm that the girls fed.

What do you do with 8 kids and 4 pregnant moms (and one nonpregnant one) when it going to be over 90 degrees? Set up a couple pools, watch them run and hope they get tired enough for long afternoon naps! I filled the water just before all the kids came over so it had to be pretty cold, but they didn't seem to mind much!
Grace in her shades! She had to hold them up because she took the sides off.

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