Friday, June 5, 2009

Hanging out at the Pedersen House

Here are pictures from the last couple months at home. We spend lots of time outside. Here is Lydia!

More Lydia!
Grace and Lydia
... in the sandbox. the sprinkler. I think we were watering the garden.

...on the swingset.
...lying in the sun. the pool.
Once in a while we have to head back in the house. Here Grace is putting a diaper on her bear... her tiny bear.
Work in progess
and the finished diapered bear.
Here Grace is playing dress up. There is more material on her hat, than her so called skirt.

Lydia joins in the fun too. She hikes the skirt up and uses it as a dress!

Did you know all princesses need a hart hat?!

Silly Lydia!
Obviously we were a little behind because here is Grace singing with American Idol. It was her favorite show. She liked to watch the people sing. We all had to sing along with our microphones.

Last, but definitely not least is Grace's owee. (How do you spell that?) She fell one day walking along a path. She didn't realize that she had hurt herself until hours later when she was at home - then she cried hysterically and insisted on Neosporin and a band aid. Three weeks later, there is not much left of her skinned up knee, but she still shows everyone and insists that I take pictures of it.

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