Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's June!!

The first Friday in June we walked in the Relay for Life. Here Grace is dancing with her friend Allie as some members of the UW Marching Band play. Grace started her first dance class last Thursday. She loved it! At the end of the class the other little girls were happy to be back with their moms and dads. Not Grace, I had to carry her out screaming because she wanted to stay and dance more.
Last weekend we were back in the Freedom for a bachelorette party and wedding shower. We took the girls to Bay Beach Saturday before the parties began! Lydia in the car.

Grace in the airplanes. Check out the cheesy smile!

Here they are in the boats. Lydia got yelled at for being turned around and putting her hands in the water.
More driving .
Sunday morning, we celebrated at Deena's wedding shower. One of the games was to make a toilet paper wedding dress. Here's Grace modeling her newest gown! (Also, buttering up the judge)
... And the other "brides".
Summer doesn't officially start at our house until Grace has paint on her toes! What kind of mom, would I be if I didn't oblige and get her toes ready for the princess sandals. It didn't take Lydia long to figure out the routine. Sit on the table, feet on the chairs, and wait for the toenails to dry. Grace and Lydia are showing off their new pink toenails. (That's Lydia saying "Cheese.")

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