Monday, July 6, 2009

More Summer

Lydia is learning to enjoy the limelight. Here's she's 'cheesing' with a sweet kiss from mom.

And cheesing with corn & a silly straw.

Of course, Grace isn't one to be out done.

We enjoyed the Germantown July 4 Parade from Park St. with the Oertels, the Folks, and the Mathies.

One of Grace's first treats was an icy pop. I thought that was rather clever of the Cub Scouts...until two other groups handed out the same treat. I must just be out of the parade-treat loop.

We found out early in the parade that Grace wasn't a fan of loud fire trucks, loud 'vettes or loud Harley's. (Later, she would hide from fireworks too.) But then again, she's less than 10 feet from the siren when it blew. It's kind of like taking a gun shy dog to shoot sporting clays. What do you expect?

Lydia wasn't phased by loud noises as long as she was with Dad and had a cracker.

Alex, how many tootsie rolls are there? 8 of 31? I'm a little rusty on the math; is that more or less than 60%? I think you owe me half of Allie's candy. And then the wives complained that we gambled too much if we're gambling our kids candy.

Here's a cute picture of Dad, Dog, and Dominant Daughter.

And here's the Daughter being dominant.

Join us next time!

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