Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Days Start Better Than Others!

Ugh! Another Monday. Most Mondays are rougher than the average weekday. The girls wake up in the morning and Daddy isn't home. It's the first day back on our somewhat normal week day schedule. Usually the girls are a bit tired from the weekend, fight about what they're doing to wear, who gets their hair done first, who sits where at the table, who looked at whom, and just about anything else you can imagine.

BUT, some Mondays it's like I'm living in a dream. Check this out. Lydia woke up, ate breakfast and went to read a coloring book by herself.

Grace woke up, ate breakfast, and happily colored at the table. Why can't every day start like this?
I should disclose that the mellow morning didn't last all day. However, I was able to enjoy an entire cup or two of coffee without breaking up an argument.

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