Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feeding Animals at the Farm

The girls and I went to the Family Farm and enjoyed the morning feeding many animals. Grace and Lydia were eager to feed the sheep, goats and chickens. Ella as you will soon see was not at all eager.

The goats at the farm should appreciate how Grace has matured in her goat feeding. The zoo has a goat feeding area. When Grace would feed to goats, she would say "sit" and expect the the goat to sit before giving the goat "the treat." Her definition of a treat would be one small goat pellet. Compared to the kids handing out goat food by the handfuls, it's no wonder Grace wasn't a hit with the zoo goats. Here she is, a couple years later happily feeding the goats.

These goats sure were hungry!
...and Lydia sure loved feeding them. She was so glad to keep the goats fed.
Ella was not a fan of any of the animals.
Not one bit!

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