Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Ella!

Ella's actual birthday started with a little stack of pancakes and her favorite sisters and mom singing Happy Birthday to her. She was delighted with the singing, clapping and loads of attention from Grace and Lydia.
Since the day was beautiful, we played outside a did a mini Ella photo shoot. Ella can stand by herself and take a few steps, but sometimes she would prefer not to... (as I post this, the weather has become quite chilly. I swear, on her birthday a week ago, it was much warmer. Definitely warm enough to warrant just a onesie).
Here she is looking much happier playing in her little play cube.

My little peanut just chillin'
Since Ella's birthday party was actually going to be a couple days after her real birthday, we celebrated her real birthday with little cupcakes. By this point in her day, she had gotten accustomed to Grace and Lydia singing "Happy Birthday" to her at every meal and snack.
Ella sure does love cake! (Based on all the cake she's eaten in the past week, maybe she will no longer be on the smallest growth curve when we go to the doctor next week).
Every birthday we ask the girls what they want for a birthday cake. Their first birthdays are a bit tough because they usually don't say much. So we make a decision and hope it's not too tough. Since Ella loves riding on carousels, we decided to do a carousel cake. This seemed like a good idea, then I couldn't find the cake I had in mind at any bakery. So I was stuck making a cake. Here's what she got.

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