Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun in the Leaves

With three young kids, it can be a hassle when we try to get out of the house. Tasks that might take an average person 15 minutes, sometimes take me 45 when I have the girls. I try to make sure that the diaper bag is always packed with enough food, beverages, extra clothes and diapers to last the entire day. But, every now and again I am reminded to slow down and enjoy the little miracles that surround me.

Considering that Grace is usually a bit turned off by anything that gets her a bit dirty, it's a small miracle in itself that she loves to play outside in the leaves. Here she is loving the leaves. She loves walking in the leaves, throwing leaves and dancing in the leaves.

It's hard to believe that Grace is going to be 4 in just a month. She days I feel like she's 3 going on 13.

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