Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sand, Water and Sun

Grace and Lydia LOVE the beach. Where else can you play with endless amounts of sand and water? I love that they play together all morning while we are there.

Grace getting the water.
Lydia's in charge of getting the sand.
Time for a little break to jump in the waves with Mom. (If I would have known that Paul would take 100 pictures of me in my swimsuit, I would spend more time at the gym).

Paul and Lydia
Grace and Paul (no matter how many pictures Christy took of me, I wasn't going to spend time in the gym or sun.)
On a separate completely non-beach related note. I figured out how to schedule blog posts. Instead of posting 10 blog posts once a month, I can spend an afternoon getting them all done and then schedule them for the next couple weeks! I may never look like such a slacker again!!!

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