Monday, August 30, 2010

Badger Day

Nothing is better than catching up with friends that we haven't seen in years! Our friends April and Matt were back in Wisconsin to catch up with friends and celebrate their 10 year anniversary! We spent the day hanging out and watching all our little ones play so well together.

Here's Heather. We are so happy that you married into our group! Ethan met Heather 10 years ago at April and Matt's wedding. (She doesn't always look like this though).

Lydia loving the splash pad.
After lunch and splashing at the park, we all got the kids ready and headed out to the Wisconsin Badgers fan day at Camp Randall. Here is Lauren, Lydia, Teddy,Ella, Helen, Emma, and Grace. Katherine is the little girl in the front row not looking at the camera. (Poor Teddy he is very outnumbered with all the little girls).

My girls with random Badger football players.

And of course the cheerleaders!

And the family with Bucky.

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