Monday, August 23, 2010


Back in July, we went to Escanaba, Michigan to celebrate Travis and Cara's wedding. It was a fabulous weekend filled with family and fun. We found an amazing beach with slides located on the sandbar.

Lydia playing with Grandma Borneman.
Grace and Grandpa Borneman playing on the slides.
Cody feeding Ella. Apparently it's harder than it looks. ( I have a feeling he'll be a pro in another year). Alyssa's morning wasn't complete without the beach. Thanks for coming with us Cody and Alyssa.
Off with the swimsuit, on with the party clothes!
Just because the swimsuits are off doesn't mean the girls won't play in the water.
A long day at the beach and wedding, yet Ella is ready to show off her newly acquired crawling skills while Lydia practices walking in heels.
Now only about 10 more posts to get caught up!


RunningMom said...

We have the same nightgown! Where did you buy it? :-) You beat me to posts this morning. I am too beat from our weekend of fun.

Christy said...

It's a hand me down from a friend. I have posts written for the next week.

The girls are pretty tired too! It was great to see you!