Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Both Grace and Lydia were enrolled in the park and rec gymnastics courses over the summer. Grace thought gymnastics were okay, not really that exciting. Although, the highlight of each class was that after class she played with her new friends McKenzie and Ava. McKenzie's sister, Lily was in Lydia's class so they had an extra 30 minutes of quality time each night.

Grace on the balance foams.
Grace getting ready to jump off the horse.
and of course Grace with her new friends!
Lydia was not a fan of following directions. She had an idea of what she wanted to do and would convince (in a very unpleasant and stubborn manner) the teacher that she could do it her way. The kids in her class were supposed to jump off a horse, then do a somersault and get their gymnastic diplomas. Lydia was NOT liking that idea. So she found a different horse and did it her way.
She's my pouty princess!

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