Thursday, March 10, 2011

Children's Museum

One of the great perks on being a stay at home mom is that you can enjoy all the fun places that are available for kids without the chaos of the weekend rush. Although, I have to admit, watching 3 kids in any location can be a very daunting task.

Here are some fun pictures from a recent trip to the children's museum.

Working in the bakery
Ella's going to drive the Sendiks truck.
Playing in the sand. Considering that Ella managed to get sand in her hair and all over her clothes, I might start to dread the upcoming sandbox season.
Ella the banker.
Lydia working on cars.
Grace checking under the hood.
Grace the vet.
Lydia the busdriver.
And another Grace the vet before heading home for naps. I think Grace's favorite part about going to the museum is that we get to go to the CITY!

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RunningMom said...

Looks fun to me! I can see why the girls have a great time there.